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About Us

Dayo Security Consulting, LLC  is a professional Business IT risk advisory, Digital forensics, Loss Prevention and Investigation consultant.


We provide solutions in drill down Forensics Accounting, Electronics media logical and Physical memory Investigations, E- Discovery Risk assessment, Evidence collections, Examinations, Analysis and Reporting, Leveraged in Best Evidence Rule Management and Quality Litigation Support Services.

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We are sensitive to meeting your security needs analysis with efficiency under time constraint, quality and budget expectations. we perform quality documentations and collaborations with your key stakeholders to drive project priority, bridging consensus on planning strategy, milestones, implementations, deliverables and benchmarks.


Our effective strategy reinforces, quality management decisions making and meets reporting requirements, predicts risk events outcomes accurately within your tolerance threshold, We  improve your control designs, Reliably testing key IT security architecture and business assets  loss prevention, compliance risk  assessments, Researched identified Gaps, Recommends quality, cost effective solutions. 


We are skilled at collection of best evidence, uncontaminated preservation, established chain of custody, tracing and culling electronics footprints,   analytical reviews of post risk-events scenario to uncover essential underlining deficiencies and material weaknesses.


Customize solutions to meet alternative dispute resolutions, recovery and litigation full requirements, we provide subject matter technical assistance to support trial and closure risk.  our essential services includes :


     E Discovery &  Digital Forensics Investigations

  • Systems & Events Logs Forensics
  • Network and Utilites Forensics 
  • Picture & Video Forensics
  • PDA/Cell Phone Forensics
  • Signature Timeline Analysis
  • Security policy violation analysis
  • Email & Chat Recovery/Analysis
  • Maleware Forensics
  • Metadata Extraction/Analysis
  • Password & Data Recovery
  • Live Host & RAM Analysis
  • Windows Forensics

     Incidence Investigation &  Expert Witness

  • Workplace Misconduct
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Privacy & Copyright Violations
  • Abuse of Privilege
  • Sexual Harassment & Discrimination
  • Unauthorized Access
  • Cyber Bombing
  • Sexting
  • Trade Secret Espionage/ Asset Theft
  • Cyber-Stalking
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Infidelity & Divorce

     Business IT Risk Advisory &  Consulting

  • SOX (302) & (404) IT Compliance
  • SDLC Risk Control Assessment
  • IT Security & Improvement Discovery


  • Incidence Response Planning & Vulnerability Testing
  • Project Risk Management
  • System & Application Change Management


  • Regulatory Compliance Roadmap Assessments
  • Business Process certification  & documentation
  • Training & Speaking Engagements